Garage Time

It’s that one thing you cant buy, time;

I have been grappling with the concept of time vs money.

Some people have all the money but not the time, some have all the time but not the money.

Where is the happy medium? Where is the sweet spot?

I work a 40 hour week to earn a living and pay for what I do, but there is a shift in mentality in recent times.

I am starting to value my time a lot more than I once I did, I am starting to understand the value of these very pages and the skills that this life has bought me.

I don’t long for expensive supercars, grand houses or new projects every year, I am perfectly happy with what I have built and this past week really cemented that fact.

I went to hospital a week ago crippled over in pain and the subsequent week off work that followed gave me what I had wanted for the past 6 months…. Garage time!

My plan was to get all the cars out, give them a wash and do the small jobs on them that I had wanted to do for a while.

First up it was the Hilux, I know I am biased but let me just say that this car is incredible, it is so easy to forget the time and effort that went into this thing.

Every little inch of this car has a story, each component was researched and selected carefully to make the finished product as amazing as it is.

I washed it and fired it up, then took off the busted alternator and worked out a plan to fix that.

Next up was the PS13, fresh from dyno tuning, WTAC and intake measurements at Grafton it was dusty and needed a good wash.

But first I set about changing the filter and oil.

With that done it was time to move onto the next.

In about 15 minutes I had the RPS13 down from its stands and on the ground for the first time in a while.

Yep that is a hyper sped up 15 minutes.

Man I love this car!

Opening the door the smell of burnt rubber and its destinctive scent remind me of all the good times and travelling around Australia to compete, those were good times and I have to get this out on track in 2018.

I had a few jobs to get done, mainly just the power steering feed line as it was effected by the heat of the manifold and started to leach out fluid.

I made a solid line out of alloy tube and then covered it in some flame retardant sleeve.

Then it was time for a wash.

It just shines!

Gave it a run.

Oh and then I jacked it up and changed the rear wheels because I am sick of people commenting on the dinged rim 🙂

With all of that complete it was time to put them away again.

In two full days I got a heap done and really re ignited my passion for these three cars.

It’s so easy to forget all the hardwork thats gone into all three, I definitely don’t drive them enough but it all comes down to that little thing called time, I get pretty caught up in the new things I want to do and sometimes forget about spending time with the old things I have already completed.

Its my new years resolution to get back to the track and drive all three.

Stay tuned its going to be a good time.

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