Supercar Saturday

My schedule for October and November was literally jam packed.

When I arrived home from the USA I didn’t actually fly home. I flew back into Sydney where I left my van and trailer to continue on where WTAC left off.

I picked up my trailer from Cameron Motes place (thanks Camo!) and then headed 7 hours north to see Warren about making some carbon fiber parts for my PS13 Project.

But I will give you a full run down on that in a later post.

With the car and trailer at Warren’s workshop I drove my van north to the Gold Coast where I would be flying home for a few weeks of work.

The road from Grafton to the Gold Coast takes in a lot of great sights, with a few days to kill before my flight I took it all in.

The weather wasn’t the best but with some time to kill I made the best of it.

I followed the coast line north.

Said hi to the locals.

And just lived out of my van.

I made it to Byron Bay and Robbie Warden invited me out to their little flat track setup.

We spun some laps and had the best time!

I found a bike for sale that will be used as a JIG for a HiRider build that’s heading to Italy.

I made it to the Gold Coast and then flew home to return to work for a couple of weeks.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I flew back to the Gold Coast and headed south.

Reunited with my van again.

Back in Grafton and Warren was done with all the car critical components so I loaded it back into the trailer and continued south.

Back along the beautiful coastline.

To Newcastle the new home of the Supercar Series.

The new layout takes over from the Sydney event and what a weekend for it.

With thanks to the Toyota 86 Series guys I was able to have an all access pass to roam the pits and show you whats happening at the event.

The boats lined the front straight and had one of the best views.

I managed to catch the 86 race, lets just say it didn’t really go to plan for most of the field.

The tight street course layout caused a pile up and the pits turned into a panel beating booth.

Teams worked furiously to get their cars back out for the second race of the day.

As did the Tourning Car Masters teams.

The tight confines of the track making even the best drivers nervous.

I hadn’t been to a converted street course before.

Except for the Melbourne GP Circuit when I went for a ride with Scotty.

It always impresses me.

The speed, precision and concentration.

From the entire team.

Asking a lot from their drivers, crew and components.

I love getting in and seeing as much as I can.

I wont head to the racetrack if I cant get into the pits.

I get a heap of good ideas every single time.

No clouds make the perfect tire warmers.

And viewing for the fly over.

Raw power!

The team get ready for the race and prepare the car.

They don’t always come back in the same shape as they left.

When its all said and done there’s more than racing to see in these parts.

A swim in the bay.

Then a visit to Stockton beach on sunset.

To recharge and get ready to head to Sydney for the Australian Motorcycle Expo.

To check out the work I had done for BMW Motorcycles.

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