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Out of all the things I have built the Hilux has opened up the most amount of doors for me, it is only just now I am beginning to see the impact that the build had on the American population of car enthusiast, through all of those people I met Doug from Notable Rides fame, Doug kindly drew the Hilux and used it for inspiration in one of his pieces, since that day I have kept in contact with him and vowed to meet him when I made it over. Well this was the day!

Being employed by Galpin Autosports Doug was able to show us around the place and spend some time taking us through the impressive collection that Galpin has amassed over the many decades that they have been in business.

Galpin Autosports really paved the way for custom vehicles in Southern California and the world for that matter, working with manufacturers and offering hop up parts direct to the consumer off the showroom floor and not to mention full custom builds by talented employees.

Walking into the showroom is the beginning of the tour.

With reflections from the beginning of the company.

One named popped up everywhere I went…. Carroll Shelby, a guy that had a thirst for speed and success.

Things got a little faster with this original Nascar.

Then even faster with this Ford powered funny car.

Things get even crazier with he Mach IV Mustang 4 wheel drive powered by 4 mechanically injected 351ci engines, built in 1969 it would have been right at home on the drag strips of that era, a spectical of speed and engineering.

You know I have a love for Econolines, I like to drive mine forwards where others like to go backwards. The back-up Pickup is a wheelie machine from the 60s and 70s and has the cab mounted backwards on the chassis, it would wow crowds with a 1320 feet backward wheelstand completing the quarter in just 9.9 seconds. Wow.

I would love an early 427ci side oiler one day.

Proudly displayed front and center in the showroom was some of Doug’s own design, working with Galpin on one of his first projects he masterfully helped create this twist on Fords supercar.

In the workshops there are numerous amazing builds taking place.

Hero cars just waiting for their chance for another moment in the spotlight.

Looking fast just sitting still the Mooneyes “Moonliner” landspeed car purchased by Dean Moon in 1964 currently has a best speed of 285mph at Bonneville Salt Flats.

It’s always the machine shop that attracts my attention, every shop I see I take notes on how I would set mine up if I ever had the space to do so.

Looping back into the showroom I finally set eyes on these crazy creations.

I just love these odd rods and the era they were created in.

Pure automotive art!

Things just get more colourful with one of the biggest Ed Roth collections I have ever seen.

Cartoons turned real life.

If you get the chance to look into Ed Roths building style then do it, he was a master of fiberglass creation.

The old saying “just because you can dosn’t mean you should” comes to mind but I love this type of stuff.

Imagine rolling around in this!

Von Dutch seems tame compared to Ed Roth but their work just reflects their personality. Von Dutch is in fact Kenneth Howard and I knew him as having a hand in some really amazing old Triumph motorcycle builds as he started working at George Beerup’s motorcycle shop at the age of 15 years. He was also quiet famously quoted in saying “I make a point of staying right at the edge of poverty. I don’t have a pair of pants without a hole in them, and the only pair of boots I have are on my feet. I don’t mess around with unnecessary stuff, so I don’t need much money. I believe it’s meant to be that way. There’s a struggle you have to go through, and if you make a lot of money it doesn’t make the ‘struggle’ go away. It just makes it more complicated. If you keep poor, the struggle is simple“

I really love that mentality and after spending some time with just a backpack and a motorcycle the freedom of simplicity makes the hustle of getting $$ to afford things you don’t need an unnecessary burden.

Time to leave the showroom and head to the other buildings.

Galpin also deal in the higher end machines.

The Aston Martin vault is a sight in itself, built to make the experience of buying a prestige vehicle prestigious and private the vault has a private lift, private underground escape path and offers an experience fit for a celebrity.

Across the road lied something very special.

The Ford GT Supercar.

I want to thank Doug for his time in showing me through the Galpin establishment and also being a great friend, hopefully it wont be too long till we catch up again.

Galpin Autosports is open to anyone so make sure you pop in and check out the showroom, they have an amazing store in the front aswell.

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