Death Valley

Have you ever got back from somewhere and had people ask you what was the highlight of your time away?

Well I did and it was a bloody tough question to answer.

But Death Valley and its Furnace Creek Ranch is right up there on the top of my list.

Dad and I rolled in late after a massive day of Halloween Hillclimb and the Shelby track day.

I had wanted to come here for a long time, the place intrigued me, its the hottest, driest and lowest place in Northern America.

The Badwater Basin on Death Valleys floor is the second lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at 282ft below sea level, it’s a surreal feeling to have come from 10,000ft up Tioga Pass into Yosemite to -282ft into Death Valley.

I booked two night’s at the Ranch and had planned to explore the valley with a ride that took me to the Death Valley Junction, to Amargosa Valley, to Beatty and back to the Ranch.

Under perfectly clear skies I rode the deserted roads and loved every minute of it.

With the chaos of LA behind me and Sema fast approaching I loved being here, just the road, my bike and my camera.

Taking in all the sights of the Valley below.

Across the state line and Into Nevada.

In these remote locations time tends to stand still.

Travelers come and go but the places don’t seem to change.

These slow paced towns don’t look for rapid change or growth, people who want that type of thing don’t hang around for too long.

I was in awe as I rode past all these shapes and colours, it’s such a great feeling to be confronted by such amazing geographic monuments.

As the light started diminishing I headed back the Ranch and decided on a bike swap.

The 51 fired right up and I took the chance to take it for a little ride.

Death Valley on a 1951 Harley Davidson is probably on of the most memorable moments I have.

Returning to the spring fed pool and relaxing the afternoon away.

Possibly the lowest pool I will ever swim in.

It really is an Oasis.

The contrast between the Oasis that is Furnace Creek and the arid Badlands of Death Valley.

If this place isn’t on your bucket list then get the pen out.

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