An interview with HPA about the PS13 build

WTAC is a great event on many levels, for me its a good chance to catch up with good friends that have made this industry a positive an educational place to be, no body does it better than Andre and Ben who are the force behind HPA, if you don’t know who these guys are, let me introduce you.


Andre and I met in 2013 and agreed to fly over to Australia to complete the wiring on the Hilux, you can watch the entire 11 days of wiring and tuning right here.

Having access to their course made a huge impact and I can confidently say that without HPA I probably wouldn’t be in the position I am today.

So when I had the chance to speak with Andre about the PS13 build it was a good chance to let those who are new to HPA get an idea of what I am working towards with the build, a little video is a refreshing change to all this writing.

Thanks Ben and Andre for uploading it.

You can get all the information on HPA’s courses via their website, it really is amazing value.