Garage spring clean

Over and over again, the idea of making a dash ran through my mind. I decided to make it out of fibreglass and so it began, a huge mess and hours of sanding.


But first I needed to make up a frame, something to allow the shape to flow.


Once I had the profile sorted I filled in the gaps and had the shape.


Fast forward a week and I had something to work with.


Its a simple shape, I still have to fit it into the roll cage and add on a gauge cluster hood but its getting there.


This 90 degree lip fits over the bar and I intend to simply have it zip tie in.


With that done I was in need of a clean up.


The bike side of things is thinning, the TS185 is at my graphic designer’s on show, the KTM high rider is at Tonik Newtown and coincides with an exciting opportunity to sell some merch in their store, if your in the area head in and have a closer look.


The Triumph is now up on the bench, I am super happy that this is running sweetly.

That’s a 65 year old motorcycle right there, methanol and a little mix of nitro brings it to life!


The reason for the clean up though was all new tools.


When I started looking around for a new tool kit I immediately went to the Sidchrome site to check out their range.


Since day one the majority of tools in my garage have been Sidchrome, I have always been impressed with the quality so I wanted to stick with the brand.


Oh and they offered me this customized roll cab and tool box, the excitement grew!


I am over the moon with the new setup and just looking through the draws I can see my life being easier. I have always wanted a complete tool kit but to have one that is customized for a my garage and my mechanical needs I couldn’t be happier.

The garage is constantly evolving, I know everyone wants a video run through so I will do my best to get this done and show you everything in the next post.

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