PS13 Update – Goodbye Winter

Builds…….. A true test of ones patience and persistence.


Every single day my alarm goes off before the sun rises, I lay in bed for ten minutes wondering what I can do today to make tomorrow easier, I always have a list of jobs rolling through my head, the enormity of the project sometimes clouds my vision and I have trouble working out what it is I need to do.

The problem with a lot of this stuff is one decision affects another, in my last post I decided to keep the engine simple with a normal bottom end, I am happy I did because the added pressure to not stuff that up would have been the breaking point.


That’s because this “simple” motor is still a huge amount of work, when it comes to engines the devil is in the detail, clearances, cleanliness, flow and balance are vital factors in making the most of what you have.


I remember when the Hilux hit the dyno it made 336 rwkw on pump fuel, 20 pounds of boost from a tiny TD06L2 turbo, people wondered why and I did aswell, the only thing I could put it down too was the way everything flowed and worked in harmony.


This flow that I am chasing means a lot more on a NA engine.


The top end is all complete now, with the 50mm throttles tapering down to 48mm I am giving this engine every chance to breath, the tuning side of things will determine how all this goes.


On the exhaust side things have changed a little, Ill be honest and say this change is purely aesthetic, the last set of headers will quiet possibly work better but I just wanted that visual flow.

Photo 30-07-2016, 12 39 13 AM

I got home from work on a friday night, I had a collector that I bought a while ago, a head flange and heap of 1 3/4 SS bends. I had been thinking about this all day, I had the design sorted in my head but I didn’t know how to make them equal length. By the time the clock ticked 2 am I had them done.


The very next morning I opened the roller door and enjoyed the sight of these things, exhausts on NA cars have always been the most beautiful aspect of any naturally aspirated racer, I wasnt around but when I see pictures of the 1970’s V10 and V12 F1 cars with there complex header systems it makes me weak at the knees.

Photo 10-08-2016, 7 17 16 AM

But enough about those, I was waiting on three small items to arrive, the first was the windage tray for the new sump, I could have made this but for $70 I decided to just order it, its the same as the stock SR20 version but its full length to suit the new larger sump.


The second item I was waiting on was the engine mounts, after waiting three weeks the engine mount (yes one) arrived and it wasn’t until I looked back through the order I realized in the fine print it said price is for one only…… So I made another matching one, oh well lesson learned.


Atleast it gave me time to paint the engine bay, my favorite Machinery Grey.


Along with all the other components ready to go back in.


All assembled ready to go.


The excitement is growing.


First I put the transmission in, then roll the table with the motor on it over to the engine bay, I raise the hoist up to the right level and the two slide together.


While the motor hangs on its bar I assemble the cross-members and then release the straps, its a really easy way of doing it.

Photo 16-08-2016, 10 44 50 AM

I fit up the wheels and it all sits back on the ground.


Speaking of wheels and tyres……………. a set of fresh ADVAN AO50, the best and most expensive tyres I have ever purchased.


255/40/17 on the rear 17×10+18 TE37s and 245/40/17 front on the 17×9.5+12 TE37s


Its a dream combo and signals the very first time that I have fitted the correct width tyres to the correct width rims, good bye drifting….

I still have a heap of work to do, I am thinking about taking it to WTAC in October this year, if thats to happen then I wont be able to take a minute off until then. Busy times ahead but thats the way I like it.

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