PS13 Update – Long Cold Nights

The beginning of winter always puts me in a crappy mood, I have always been a self motivated person that’s driven by the pursuit of creation, the drawn out excitement of something coming together piece by piece right in front of me. The artistry in what I do isn’t as apparent in this build to me though, there’s more recreation than creation, I am working night after night just trying to re-write the wrongs.

It was a double edge sword, this car that sat for so long, steadily going backwards, steadily becoming further away from the goal I once set myself, the job ahead of me begun to grow, soon enough I was faced with a decision, cut it up into four pieces and take 4 trips to the metal recyclers in my van, face defeat and forever dwell on the decline of a dream or suck it up and work until I start to see a glimmer of the original spark, just leaving it for another year wasn’t an option.

I guess this gives you an idea into how my brain works, I am an all or nothing type of person, for the past three months I have been dedicated to this build, it hasn’t been fun, I am not pushing my own creative boundaries, I am not doing anything new or groundbreaking, it’s not spectacular but I am working my but off to have it finished to the level I always thought it deserved.

This is purely just the personal struggle within the world I have built myself, I am more than thankful for everything I have, the roof over my head and the opportunities I have ahead of me.

As the job list started to decrease my mood ever so slightly lifted, piece by piece things were starting to take shape.

Photo 16-06-2016, 9 12 05 AM

I started to work my way through the wiring, I wrote myself a wiring diagram for what I had and disected everything until I knew what everthing was.

Photo 16-06-2016, 9 12 32 AM

I made up a switch panel that would house everything I needed to control from the drivers seat.

Photo 16-06-2016, 9 12 43 AM

My alloy welding is always getting better and better but I still have a fair way to go.

Photo 16-06-2016, 9 12 18 AM

I am using a deutsch connector that came in a kit that I bought.

Photo 16-06-2016, 9 10 49 AM

It was one of the best electronical investments I have made, Andre and Ben from HP Academy showed me how these work when we built the Hilux, the crimping tool and the way these work is a life saver.

Photo 16-06-2016, 9 12 55 AM

I built a little raised heel floor for my pedal box, then continued wiring everything up.

Photo 16-06-2016, 9 11 18 AM

I have been loving my little MaxJax hoist, I have had the car up and down a million times, the exhaust was next on the list.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 10 46 AM

2.5 inch stainless system with two joiners that snakes its way nice and high in the chassis.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 11 09 AM

Ending in the timeless fashion of some slightly angled, slightly upswept twin 2.5 tips.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 11 52 AM

Towards the front of the car I remade my tubular crossmember as the previous one made the engine mount making process a nightmare.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 12 27 AM

Its all nice and compact now and as strong as it needs to be.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 12 56 AM

I made sure the sump was well protected too with a small bash plate.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 23 53 AM

From above you get an idea of the new engine location.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 24 12 AM

It was difficult to pack everything in on the drivers side.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 05 06 AM

But once I did I could continue wiring everything up.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 05 26 AM

I am still in the process of adding things so I havn’t finished in here.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 21 41 AM

Spot the brake switch?

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 22 18 AM

Speaking of brakes, the handbrake is actually the stock cable brake, I made this lever setup and still have to make some ratchet arrangement to lock it on.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 05 44 AM

Its starting to look organised though.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 13 20 AM

I took some time to build some ducting and seal the radiator into the air intake of the stock bumper.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 23 19 AM

Behind this is the new pulley system that I had been dreaming up for a long time. It consists of 3 ex Nascar dry sump pulleys, this stuff is dirt cheap and the quality is sky high, I think they cost me around $120 all up posted to Aus, I then went about making them all work. I calculated the ratios for everything and reconditioned my stock alternator, now I just have to get a HTD belt to suit.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 08 08 AM

At this point I am starting to get excited.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 18 56 AM

The weather forecast was looking good and I was at the point where the car could roll again.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 16 57 AM

As the sun started to set I raced home from work and rolled the car out into the sun, the first time this winter.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 20 28 AM

I have started mocking up the dash but I am in two minds to persist with the FRP S15 dash, I am starting to think about making one from scratch, its possibly going to be the same amount of work.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 16 15 AM

It’s one thing I am not looking forward to tackling.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 14 16 AM

I am also working on building a splitter, this is just a prototype version built out of ply, ill perfect the shape and then make it out of something a little more permanent.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 31 24 AM

I re-fitted the bonnet to mount the headlights, It all looks so neat in factory paint, ill keep it that way too.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 30 59 AM

Its just good to get out of the garage.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 04 12 AM

As the sun dipped down below the tree line I switched on the lights.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 03 18 AM

I am happy about the wiring and how its working out.

Photo 16-06-2016, 8 02 24 AM

I took the opportunity to roll everything out of the garage and have a quick clean up, its good to be making progress, the goal of having this car finished is unfolding infront of me, it will be a huge weight off my shoulders when it is, each step is an exciting relief and the day I turn a few laps in it will be a sweet sweet moment!

Whats next? Well I have to finish the dash, I have ordered all the fittings I need to finish the fuel/brake/cooling system, then its time to start putting my engine plans into action, what are they? Well Ill save that for another post because its comprehensive!

Thanks for reading.

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