PS13NA Update – Kicking Goals!

I checked the weather for the upcoming weekend, sunny and clear, I had no plans for two days and had one goal in mind, to finish the chassis and etch prime the interior.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 23 12 PM

Finishing the chassis involved adding the harness mounts, the last large job on the list before I could get rid of the rust. I welded in some threaded plate and drilled the holes for the eye bolts to run through, these secure the lap belts in place.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 22 57 PM

The lower bar between the wheel tubs is for the shoulder straps to run through, these loop over and through to give a nice solid and neat mounting point.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 25 03 PM

The belts in question are Cusco items, for this build I am being really strict on colour selection, I searched for a long time to find belts that I liked, I found these in Japan and had Jesse Streeter ship them across for me.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 24 47 PM

The buckle removes easily and then reattaches once the belts are looped over.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 25 33 PM

If you have been following the progress of this car then you would have read that everything is moved rearward, the firewall, the engine, the gearbox and of course the seats.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 37 30 PM

With the belts done and the floor finished it gave me a chance to paint the interior and cage with etch primer, then I could refit everything.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 29 58 PM

I extended the steering column in a previous post, I still need to attach a detachable boss to the wheel so it will sit perfectly.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 29 09 PM

The 6 speed gearbox I am running now has a dogleg shifter, I made this up with the original Quaife shifter that came with my Hiluxs gearbox.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 23 39 PM

The footwell has plenty of room now for the Tilton pedal set, you start to get an idea of the extreme lengths I went to with the sheetmetal mods to this car.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 24 21 PM

With the pedals mounted I can now plan out the brake reservoir location.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 33 29 PM

The new tunnel has a heap of room to work on the engine and gearbox.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 30 33 PM

Inside the engine bay things are starting to come together.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 33 14 PM

I am starting to plan out the engine build, I have most parts but I just need pistons.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 27 34 PM

This cars always been a favorite of mine.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 26 59 PM

What I am half way through has always been ultimate build.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 34 54 PM

To have it unfolding before me is something thats worth every minute spent on it.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 34 21 PM

Having the chassis finished is a huge relief.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 37 06 PM

I can continue now on the fun jobs.

Photo 14-05-2016, 4 38 50 PM

Mounting everything, planning all the accessories and piecing the good motor together.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 18 16 PM

So the next day I started to get my head around the wiring and the mounting solutions to make it as neat as possible.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 20 16 PM

The passenger side houses the ECU and engine harness relay block, this was something that Martyn made a few years ago before I reworked the car.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 21 39 PM

On the drivers side is the body harness relay and fuse block, this loom was originally built from scratch 10 years ago by my friend Luke, he said to never get rid of it because he would never make another one (it was actually made for my original RPS13, the black one)

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 19 11 PM

I made up a mount for the new coils as well, the 4th cylinder is only 150mm away so the leads wont be as long as you think.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 20 48 PM

The brake master reservoirs now have a spot too, with the dash shell on everything should be hidden away nicely.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 22 19 PM

Its organised chaos at the moment but once I wire in the switch panel through the pillar and mount it to the roof there will be no visable wiring what so ever.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 23 10 PM

I also mounted the bonnet back on.

So I could finish the headlight mounts.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 24 20 PM

The opening between the headlights will hold an alloy GTR style grille that will direct air down into the radiator.

Photo 16-05-2016, 9 24 42 PM

I was also lucky to find the clutch I wanted, I had researched and figured out the best clutch to use with this 6 speed gearbox, I couldnt afford a new one and ended up finding one second hand thats basically brand new, it came with new plates aswell but the ones in it arnt worn at all, I doubt close to 300hp of NA muscle will bother it.

I am so excited that this car is finally shaping up to be the car I always I wanted, I have owned it for 10 years, always knew the direction I wanted to take but never had the opportunity to dedicate my time to making it happen, now is the time!

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