Oliver’s Birthday Bash – Wilby in the RPS13

Drifting…… ahhhhh drifting, possibly the most complicated and diverse culture of the new era of motorsport.

Why? Well there’s so many different ways of looking at it, each person holds their own view on what the sport represents to them, when I first fell in love with drifting I fell in love with the complete package, I taught myself car craft, driving skills, competition skills, financial dedication, mental dedication, I angled my whole life to being good at this sport.

I kept my head above water for a lot of years, I enjoyed being able to manage my entire motorsport program by myself, as the sport started to get more complicated, the cars got faster, the drivers no longer able to manage their own program, the sport and what I loved about it started to slip away into a large financial burden on the competitors.

Actions no longer spoke louder than words, those that stuck with it needed to manage the sport in a very different way to how it started.

After all its motorsport, drifting has layers that other motorsports do not though, as a judged sport (not timed) it sits in a different category than all others.

It took me a long time to figure out what I love about drifting and then it dawned on me, nothings changed since the day I started, I love the pinnacle of the sport before the pinnacle moved to an unrealistic level, wind the clock back to the early 2000’s, my heroes haven’t changed, my love for the sport is exactly the same as the day I threw myself head first into it. The sports changed and I haven’t, thats it, thats what I had a difficult time figuring out.

The cars that I have built reflect that, they are still in essence top level cars from a bygone era, the pressure to keep up would have left me with unusable unmanageable machines but what sits inside my garage is not that at all.

Its my perfect machine and I was about to blow the cobwebs out of it since the last time I drove a year ago.

But first it needed a prep!


And so does the trailer, a year of weather and it needs a good clean.


My trailer doesn’t fit up the driveway so I cleaned the trailer, dropped the car off and then returned the trailer after giving it the once over.


First things first, I get the rubber freshened up, then give the underside of the car a spanner check.


Then fit up the wheels and give it a good wash.


Then pack the car with everything I need.


Then load it back into the traler and take it all back to its resting place, I am lucky I have room to store it just 15 minutes away, its still three nights work to get packed and ready to go.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 23 02 AM

Dean, Lee and Celia piled into the van and we headed to the NSW border, the weather was perfect!

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 39 18 AM

We arrived at Wilby Motorsport Park, a rural community built track near Yarrawonga, unloaded the car and got ready for a fun day in the sun.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 39 00 AM

Caught up with some new and old friends, Matt Russell is all thats good about local drifting, a true all rounder thats passionate about the sport.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 38 45 AM

Oliver’s car infront of the the Primal Garage S13.5, both organised a great event, thanks fellas!

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 37 49 AM

Grass roots events and the machinery that attends is always a draw card for me.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 37 05 AM

Each cars a reflection on what the owners ideals are.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 36 30 AM

Because style is a huge factor here.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 33 00 AM

Bryan’s FC is cool as hell, its a pitty it wasn’t running as cool as it looked.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 35 34 AM

4 door R32’s have such a presence.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 35 12 AM

I have always loved 4 doors.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 30 24 AM

Aswell as the Toyota variety.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 29 55 AM

Japan made me fall in love with the large Toyota sedan, the overall package is a winner.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 31 57 AM

The S13 is all time favorite though.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 30 54 AM

Sitting waiting for drivers briefing to begin.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 28 56 AM

You will never go wrong with white.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 28 26 AM

In either S chassis!

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 33 21 AM

But this JZX was the car of the event for me.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 34 24 AM

If I ever was to own another car it would be an SR C35 or something like this.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 28 00 AM

Dean and Lee waiting for action.

_D3_4865 copy

When the gates opened we all took to the track.

_D3_3790 copy

It was a brand new track for all of us.

_D3_4301 copy

And engaged in the good times, Dean snapped some amazing shots!

_D3_5141 copy

And I had an amazing time.

_D3_4628 copy

With the car working flawlessly

_D3_4629 copy

I took a heap of passenger rides and went through some tyres.

_D3_3796 copy

Having some runs with the birthday boy, Oliver.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 24 37 AM

Taking a break when things get a little messy in the rubber department.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 26 27 AM

It was only 23 degrees but the sun was relentless, a perfect day!

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 24 19 AM

Turning rubber down to wire.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 23 30 AM

Then repeat.

_D3_4526 copy

I wasnt the only one though.

_D3_4020 copy

When your running hot, you gotta let them know.

_D3_4179 copy

International sign for things are looking up!

_D3_4157 copy

Matty being Matty was chill and throwing shakas, he is fast, consistant, stylish and a good dude.

_D3_3450 copy

Making the most of the SR Powered 86!

_D3_3424 copy

Bryan getting the FC moving, such a well weighted car, some people have trouble driving them, Bryan on the other hand does not.

_D3_3919 copy

Art in motion, style is everything.

_D3_3867 copy

Party time.

_D3_3350 copy

Oliver’s good times look like this.

_D3_3686 copy

This BMW ran all day, faultless, might have something to do with Toyota power!

_D3_3736 copy

Into the afternoon.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 19 29 AM

We all got back to the caravan park and relaxed, ready for a pub meal!

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 21 51 AM

As the sun set on a perfect day we all reminisced of the good times.

Photo 25-04-2016, 10 22 37 AM

I ended up hitting a kangaroo on the way home, dented up the VW a little, broke the tie down hooks on the trailer and broke the front bumper on the RPS13, bit of a downer to a great weekend but all in all it was great to get back in the car and enjoy the way it should be.

RPS13 Drifting Wilby Raceway Australia from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

Check out some incar footage.

Oliver’s Bday Bash – Wilby Motorsport Park by Lee Turner from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

And from the outside, thanks to Lee Turner, I have the greatest friends!

Till next time.

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