HD Giveaway Trike

Following on from the HD Hill Climber I built for Harley Davidson Australia I had a follow up job just a week later.

Marcus had a pretty simple plan on a very tight time frame, I had 6 days to complete a 6 year olds trike for Harley to giveaway at Christmas time.

I instantly formulated a plan in my head, I had a day to scour the shops and see if there was anything I could modify, there was nothing and after a visit to my favourite bike shop Marshall Cycles I decided to start from scratch.


The frame was the easy part, I used some go kart wheels I had lying around the garage then made up a front end out of some random bits Marshall’s had lying around.


I was so stoked to find an original Dynamo lighting kit and these handlebars and grips.


I think they are just perfect for this project.


With the frame done I decided it needed a tank, I used two large S/Steel down pipe 90 degree sections to form the tank then purchased a 4″ dome cap to finish the front section, the key in the cap is the switch for the lights, I also wired in a speaker to play the engine noise which adds another dimension to the build.


Once everything was taking shape I made up an alloy seat pan and gave it to Kris of KJF Custom Trimmers, he absolutely nailed the seat and its as comfy as it looks.


I was hyped on the overall feel of the trike.

_D3_4178 copy

With everything complete Karl of KDS went to town on the artwork, he used variegated silver leaf on the S/Steel tank incorporating the HD symbol and a set of amazing wings running down the tank, it was so simple and classy. On the rear he painted the exhaust tips on the inside and gave the trike a name….. Easy Roller!

_D3_4187 copy

The morning before the courier picked it up Dean opened up the studio so we could capture the finished trike.

_D3_4188 copy

Harley Australia are giving the trike away to a deserving kid this Christmas.

_D3_4189 copy

I built it to last forever.

_D3_4190 copy

Money cant really buy something like this.

_D3_4191 copy

Easy roller took up 100% of every minute after work for 6 straight days.

_D3_4192 copy

I couldnt be happier with the outcome.

_D3_4193 copy

I can’t thank Marcus at Harley Davidson, Kris at KJF Trimmers, Dean for the photos, the boys at Marshall Cycles and Karl at KDS Designs for all your help and input into the project.

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