Flat Track Funday’s – Number Two

Last Sunday I hosted Flat Track Fundays number 2.

_B0V0627 copy

With 25 riders in attendance and the track resurfaced, watered and the sun shining it was set to be the best conditions yet!

_B0V0638 copy

It was a tiring week leading up to the event, with Streetfighters Harley all finished I concentrated on the layout of the pits and the track, huge thanks to my Mum and Dad for helping out, Dad did a great job of hand painting up these signs the night before.

_B0V0646 copy

I grabbed the bunting from eBay and the bollards from a local store.

_B0V0748 copy

As 9:30 rolled around the track was officially open and people were gearing up ready for a day in the dirt.

_B0V0761 copy

Tom was back with the Yamaha.

_B0V0697 copy

He said it wasnt running properly.

_B0V0963 copy

Im not sure if I want to see how fast he would be if it was!

_B0V0745 copy

Riders from all over Victoria brought their bikes down, it dosnt get much better than this rider/ bike combo.

_B0V1228 copy

From every age group.

_B0V0610 copy

Unfortunately the primary chain let go and broke the case on the old pre unit motor, the sound and speed of the thing was incredible though.

_B0V0711 copy

Shaun was back with a heap of bikes in tow.

_B0V0730 copy

Drive failures where a common occurrence through the day though.

_B0V0997 copy

With 3 belt drive Harley’s throwing belts out onto the surface.

_B0V1165 copy

Thats why you pack a spare Panhead to ride.

_B0V1722 copy

Hands down must inappropriate and beautiful machine in attendance.

_B0V6897 copy

Taking it easy wasnt an option.

_B0V1781 copy

And when all your own bikes are resting in the pits take your friends out for a spin.

_B0V1794 copy

This bike certainly brought out the best in a lot of riders and did it in style.

_B0V1307 copy

Big twins with big torque shift the surface easily.

_B0V0828 copy

Jack was back again and working hard at the controls.

_B0V1088 copy

When that didn’t satisfy it was time to borrow something a little more suitable.

_B0V1298 copy

The ideal tyre for this surface was probably still a set of trials tyres.

_B0V1304 copy

Jack showed everyone he does not need a front one anyway.

_B0V0922 copy

The CRF was showing how a late model dirt bike can be the perfect machine.

_B0V0978 copy

But when these two where out together it was a battle of the ages.

_B0V1819 copy

The track started to dry up a little, the constant stream of bikes turning the soil over.

_B0V1631 copy

Chris working at the little DT 175 that just kept going.

_B0V0747 copy

Lee was back again and getting some solid clips.

_B0V1384 copy

Ted was working the Geelong Harley Davidson 1200 and making it one of the fastest machines of the day.

_B0V1386 copy

Lee in the firing line.

_B0V1404 copy

For a stock tyre that was hand cut you could say Ted did a pretty amazing job at the transformation of this bike, you would be surprised at how effective a 1200 Sporty is on this surface.

_B0V0599 copy

Testament to that was Streetfighter on the bike we built in a week.

_B0V0809 copy

It looked, sounded and performed amazingly, it needed some work during the day though.

_B0V0620 copy

Too much angle and then the resulting flick from a high side is difficult to overcome, it happens in an instant and we were happy that Streetfighter got out of it unscathed.

_B0V1844 copy

A quick break and some water helped the afternoons sessions.

_B0V7023 copy

Streetfighter in the WILDIG excavations machine smudged the track

_B0V7046 copy

And took full advantage of the perfectly smooth surface.

_B0V7062 copy

It was the start of a jam packed afternoon of enjoyment.

_B0V6992 copy

The speeds escalated and the fun times continued.

_B0V6980 copy

Lee took a break from the camera and hooked around on the little CT

_B0V7104 copy

While Tom continued to flow around.

_B0V7170 copy

Full throttle entries are the sign of a seasoned professional

_B0V7173 copy

It sets up a fast a flowing left hander.

_B0V7211 copy

Just hanging off the bike.

_B0V7183 copy

Then getting it hooked up and ready to do it all again over and over, I cant imagine how good this feels.

_B0V7264 copy

The surface was just perfect, the moisture stayed all day and the big 1200 worked hard to get to the clay base.

_B0V1742 copy

Working the low line

_B0V1054 copy

The high line

_B0V0999 copy

Driving it through the middle.

_B0V1210 copy

Take a break

_B0V1549 copy

And repeat.

_B0V1648 copy

Everyone was in on the action

_B0V1663 copy

Including myself.

_B0V1611 copy

I got the CanAm out for a few laps

_B0V1627 copy

Until an ignition problem that I had earlier in the week arose again and ended my fun.

_B0V7455 copy

I got to steer the big 1200 for a laps though

_B0V7561 copy

And so did Dean, he managed to drop the camera for a few minutes at the end of the day and swing a few hot ones on the big Harley, have to say a huge thanks to the man for these images.

_B0V6816 copy

And to everyone that came out and made a memorable Sunday, couldn’t have done it without you all.

I learnt a lot from running this event, its exactly what I wanted to be a part of, there’s a lot of changes that need to and will be made if its to continue but those challenges are why these events are so few and far between in the first place. I have to thank the solid team we have for making everything happen, from the track trep to everything else behind the scenes its a good thing and we want to continue it on.

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