RPS13 – Drive time

Well its been a while since I have driven the RPS13, I started to doubt how much enjoyment I got out of the sport, I mean is it worth all the effort? Then I came here!


The day started off wet, I dont mind driving in the wet but when the surface is concrete everything changes, there were slippery patches and grippy patches and getting any real feel or speed was impossible, Oliver was doing better than most in the conditions, must be all that CA POWER.


Nothing beats this combo though, good seeing you Ben.


All day this pair was glued together, they were rightly awarded the tandem trophy at the end of the day.


The hosts of the event Primal MC had both their cars in action, Dave’s FC and Neils S13.5, Dave drove both cars pretty damn well but looked at home in the FC towards the end of the day.


One guy that I was keen to drive with was Ritchie, Ritchie’s been there since the very start, this car actually started life at Ebisu circuit, he drove a Matsuri or two then imported it back to oz, its paid its way too with a pretty reliable few years of abuse.


Nothing makes a good event better than great looking cars though, Muskis S14 just recovered from a pretty heavy Tbone at Winton Raceway.


But it’s back out there and thats the main thing.


Jamies S14 is another great looking and performing car, I’m pretty sure its got an RB26 in it too, be sure to follow him on the gram @jam_jamm


I hadn’t seen it in this colour before, looks soo good!


My car took a break while I snapped these shots, might aswell take some photos while we wait for the rain to clear.


The rain stopped falling so it was time to head out.


Jamie working hard to sweep the track.


Soon everyone was out making the most of the track.


The sound of a strong SR with midmount TD06 is unmistakable


Cheers Damo for lunch!


Chris was killing it in the Cefiro, this sounded amazing.


Time to hit it.


I had a new set of 235/40/18 Federal RS-R on the back and the car was gripping pretty hard, it was so much fun and the car felt so good.


Little bit of left foot brake around the last corner to heat the treads.


Then bring it out towards the wall try and get as much grip as I can then a quick flick for the 90 degree entry. I had so much fun following Ritchie, his a great driver and when you follow a great driver its easy to get up beside them and flow through the course, its possibly the best fun I have behind the wheel for a few years.

ETS Drift RPS13 from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.


I tore through the Federals pretty quick then put the AVS rims on, 2 pairs of tyres for one day of driving, I didnt get out of the car after it dried up.


When the day was over the rain started to fall again and we all headed for home, thanks Primal MC for the good times and thanks to all the drivers for making a great day.

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