Chopped 2014

Chopped 2014 has been run and won, well not really won because thats not the aim of the weekend, the aim is to have three days of fuel powered fun with heaps of likeminded people.

_B0V1705 copy

After visiting last year I had to return with something to ride.

_B0V2408 copy

That was the sole reason I built the TS185 into what it is today.

_B0V1719 copy

It was the most fun I had had in a long time, launching off the start line next to some pretty serious machinery.

_B0V1733 copy

The dirt drag strip was pretty bumpy but had plenty of run off near the end.

_B0V1781 copy

Anyone could run anything, if it passed the styling check apon entry it could run on the strip.

_B0V1907 copy

It was surprising how well the TS185 handled the competition, its all smiles and laughter when you return to the startline though.

_B0V1913 copy

As you exit the strip you enter a vast open paddock.

_B0V2042 copy

What else would you want to do? Keep it pinned and tip those pre 65 classics into a powerslide that often ended up the other way around.

_B0V2131 copy

There was one guy who continually wanted the track to himself, and for good reason, the “spats on spats” pickup was always putting on a show.

_B0V2283 copy

Some guys just needed some breeze after the long night and hot morning inside the tent, theres nothing better than an open face helmet and a some country air to cure a hangover.

_B0V2299 copy

Mopar power!

_B0V2417 copy

Believe it or not I couldnt really hear anything else other than my own bike, it was so loud, ill be wearing ear plugs next time.

_B0V2420 copy

But I am sure the other guys new I wasnt far behind them.

_B0V2442 copy

Pretty sure the starter needed a shower every hour, it was super dusty.

_B0V2452 copy

It wasnt just guys in the drivers seat, the girls knew how to party aswell.

_B0V2482 copy

Power down.

_B0V2516 copy

4×4 tyres were a good choice, the extra downforce from a popped boot also cuts the ET.

_B0V2566 copy

There were a lot of nice Triumphs around, this early hardtail was a consistent runner.

_B0V2573 copy

They are all smiles!

_B0V2672 copy

Making noise and making dust.

_B0V2693 copy

Some cars were too clean for the strip, but thats what separates this show from the others.

_B0V2715 copy

Classics proving they can stand the test of time.

_B0V2754 copy

Im not really even sure whats going on here, thats a long way to the seat!

_B0V2780 copy

This 65 Falcon lined up, I sat behind it waiting for a run, the starter signalled him to go, all hell broke loose and the blown V8 turned those huge tyres and carved two lines into the strip, moments later it slid left and then right, then rolled in the infeild. I raced off after it to see if the driver was ok, his passenger pulled him out, the car was a mess, there was a lot of blood but the driver seemed ok.

_B0V2796 copy

Harley from Fat57Customs brought the Hooker Gasser down for a few runs.

_B0V2916 copy

The stance of gassers make every photo look like they are hooking up and hauling!

_B0V2932 copy

Open topped roadsters required helmets but didn’t stop the smiles.

_B0V2936 copy

Good to see this Econoline pickup, I cant wait till mine arrives home from the USA.

_B0V2951 copy

Whoever takes the lead always lets the other driver know.

_B0V2952 copy

Grudge match!

_B0V3004 copy

Where show cars come to get down and dirty.

_B0V3060 copy

Big cubes and chunky tires FTW

_B0V3089 copy

Rollin down the strip.

_B0V3303 copy

The infield had an oval track specifically for the early speedway cars, they had some pace around it!

_B0V3352 copy

Making clouds of dust.

_B0V3443 copy

In the late afternoon after the track closed everyone moved to the mudpit, an unofficial event was held.

_B0V3511 copy

It was entertaining for everyone.

_B0V3522 copy

Even these passengers.

_B0V3584 copy

Not sure if thats mud or beard? Either way Ryan is doin it!

_B0V3598 copy

The lowest cars didnt fare too well, more often than not they ended up being bogged.

_B0V3623 copy

As the sun set the ring of fire lit up.

_B0V3625 copy

That concluded the day, we went home to pack for QLD but I would have loved to stay, I had so much fun, its a great event, get building for next year!

Big thanks to Dean Walters for the images.

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