PS13NA – Garage Sale

Things have been really different in 2014 for me, with the Hilux all finished off it gave me some clarity in where my life is heading, to be honest I am super content with everything I have, I don’t need more projects I just need to finish the ones I have started.

Photo 10-08-2014 11 14 18 am

Its mid winter here in Australia and the sun came out for long enough last weekend to push the cars out and get some pre spring cleaning happening.

Photo 10-08-2014 11 14 58 am

Having two of the 3 cars finished off is a good feeling, I went through all my old spares and really culled what wasn’t needed, you can see it all on Ebay for sale if your interested in having a look

Photo 10-08-2014 11 15 54 am

I swapped the shed around a little with the Hilux under the 180SX, don’t worry I thoroughly tested and tied down the 180SX above it.

Photo 10-08-2014 11 16 28 am

Then pushed the PS13 into the “work bay” so I wasn’t so crowded.

Photo 10-08-2014 11 16 11 am

Now I could get to work on the roll cage.

Photo 8-08-2014 8 21 20 pm

These new “pocket tee’s” are available in store and are handy to keep the marking out equipment on hand at all times.

Photo 10-08-2014 11 17 31 am

I got busy with more and more tube work. I don’t use my notcher anymore, I simply mark and cut or buff back to the mark, I find its a cleaner more precise way of fitting the tube. I’m too impatient to measure measure measure and then take one cut with the holesaw hoping its spot on. Its a little medieval and backwards but it gets the results i’m after.

Photo 10-08-2014 11 16 49 am

Its all tacked in at the moment, you will notice everything is very far back, the seats will be this far back, the steering wheel will be low and very far back as well, because the engine is nearly 150mm further back than factory and the floor mounted Tilton pedal box with my long legs makes everything move rearward.

I have ordered an S15 Dash from Jesse Streeter out of Japan, its made from FRP and will sit perfectly along the dash bar line, until it arrives I can’t do much more to the bar work, I can however start all the gusseting and tin work to the floor.

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