KTM Cafe Racer – The Dark Side

Well I am home from our amazing Honeymoon, I was all set to head back to work but the doctors who are looking after my finger gave me some bad news on the rehabilitation, turns out after looking at the scans I had chopped my tendon in half, what is now a slight medical stuff up there are plans in place for surgery, while I don’t mind spending time at home I wanted life to go back to normal after the honeymoon.

Photo 20-07-2014 4 42 01 pm

So I thought I would do as much as I can before I am back to having one hand.

Photo 20-07-2014 4 42 40 pm

The TS185 that Dean owns had a slight make over, I remade the rear frame section, the seat, the surfboard holders and a lot of other things.

Photo 20-07-2014 4 43 24 pm

Its winter here in Australia and the surf is amazing right now, its ready to hit the beach!

Photo 20-07-2014 4 54 21 pm

I also wanted to clean up my KTM, over summer it got a real workout and needed a clean up.

Photo 20-07-2014 4 44 08 pm

Some fresh oil and filters helped aswell.

Photo 20-07-2014 4 43 44 pm

I made up this velocity intake from a set of trumpets I had lying around.

Photo 20-07-2014 4 52 25 pm

While the bodywork was off it I took the chance to think about a new design.

Photo 20-07-2014 4 52 58 pm

It would be days of work to get a new tank fitting as nice as the old one, so I decided to do a spray can rebuild. First the radiators turned black.

Photo 22-07-2014 10 50 42 am

Then the can of “im not sure if I should be doing this” PlastiDip came to the rescue for the rest of the parts.

Photo 22-07-2014 10 51 37 am

The tank, tail, spring and stand all got the peelable paint treatment.

Photo 22-07-2014 10 52 33 am

A change is as good as a holiday right, well I just had a holiday and this change seems pretty good, time to hit the streets and deliver the orders to the Post Office!

These stickers are available in the store and would look great on your project, order one and show me how how it looks!

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