Married Life

Everything I have done in the last 7 years has been supported by my partner Celia, now I can proudly call her my wife after our wedding last weekend. Ill keep all the boring lovey dovey stuff to a minimum but heres a quick run down of the action thanks to Justin Power.

celia nigel sneak peak-1

I made my own wedding ring from a small bit of Ti bar stock I had lying around, I heated it with the oxy to get some nice colour into it on one side, the other rings are Celia’s wedding bands that I had to take care of for the day.

celia nigel sneak peak-18

My best man Dean and I took off on the bikes in the morning to relieve the nerves, we stopped for a coffee and then hit it to the first photo spot, I had helmet hair for the rest of the day but Celia didn’t mind!

celia nigel sneak peak-23

We met for photos at a few locations and the Autumn weather was kind to us, warm and overcast with just a few drops of rain.

celia nigel sneak peak-26

My dad owns a 1966 Fastback Mustang that he restored and he kindly drove Celia and her bridesmaid around all day, it was a special moment driving down the highway in the Hilux next to the Mustang.

celia nigel sneak peak-34

We pulled over for some more photos in another location not long before the ceremony was set to start.

celia nigel sneak peak-35

Getting married in the country gives a really nice laid back feel to the day.

celia nigel sneak peak-1-2

Then it was off to the ceremony, driving this on the freeway just made the day all the more special, did you know that it could have been in a container bound for Gatebil in Norway? It was the cancellation of that trip that made Celia and I decide on this date.

celia nigel sneak peak-53

So now we are married and couldn’t be happier.

celia nigel sneak peak-56

Celia put her heart and sole into this event, for the last two months this has been her life, organising and planning every single little thing, a home wedding can be spectacular if you plan it right.

celia nigel sneak peak-64

We ate, drank and partied the night away, telling people all about our honeymoon plans which has consumed me for the last few weeks.

celia nigel sneak peak-61

Thats because we are off to America, in a lifetime adventure for both of us we are going to travel the entire length of the vast country side of USA on something that I will detail in my next post. Stay tuned to this website as all will be revealed soon!

Celia and I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes, we had the best night and thank everyone involved for making it so special.