Just a quick post to say how excited I have been this week, let me say that neither Matthew nor I anticipated the overwhelming reaction from people after they saw the Documentary. It was a rollercoaster for both of us, in a weird way the way it played out was not planned, it wasn’t the way we wanted things to happen but it made for a truly captivating story.


This story can be yours to own on DVD as we send it off to be made you can pre buy it in the store with some bonus footage for those that need to see more skids (who dosnt?)


If you feel you have a story that needs to be told then Matthew Cox is your man, he’s recently gone freelance and working on projects just like this full time, if your interested in using his services to direct and shoot then get in contact either by phone +61439873012 or by email [email protected]

So thank you to all those involved, if you donated to the Pozible campaign then you will be emailed with some steps to take to save on postage very soon.

  1. It has been an absolute pleasure to follow your build from the beginning. The documentary was excellent. It was crazy how devastated you were when you lost third gear. Afterwards you just wanted to go home. Strangely, for us following (for myself anyways), we felt your pain to some degree but knew you would pick yourself up and come up with a solution. I know you wanted to keep the car as simple as possible, readily serviceable with easily available parts but I’m just excited its running and running well.

    Keep up the excellent work Nigel.

  2. +1 your humility and talent are an inspiration. Well done sir.

  3. Hi Nigel,

    I have been following your progress since March 2012, going from a simple hilux work ute to this thing of beauty is truly amazing. Knowing you made it (almost) entirely all yourself is inspirational.
    I am hoping to embark on my own journey in the next 18 months rebuilding/over-engineering a series 2 RX7. I will be turning to this blog for motivation when the inevitable doubts set in.

    Your perseverance throughout all the set-backs is amazing, and anyone who has the love of these wonderful machines as I know you and I do, will absolutely take inspiration from this epic story.

    Congratulations on making it this far, may the remainder of your journey be as fulfilling as it has so far

    Your loyal fan,



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