Moto Fun

Sometimes I think about the things I do and why I do them, I never exactly nail what it is that I enjoy about custom cars and motorbikes, I know its a love hate relationship, the ups and downs have always been there. I remember my first bike, an old Honda XR75 my dad bought from the wreckers, I loved it soooo much and had the most fun you could ever imagine on it, sometimes it didn’t run, sometimes I broke things on it but its always the good memories that stick with me.

_B0V5830 copy

If I didn’t build drift cars I wouldn’t enjoy motorcycles so much, coming from a car builders point of view bikes are simple things, you can enjoy a level of creativity that’s hard to match, you can recreate a bike and almost instantly enjoy it, riding or driving something that you transformed yourself is a feeling Ill never get tired of.

_B0V5819 copy

Thanks to Dean for capturing these images on one of evening rides, Tyson is riding Deans bike because obviously you cant ride and take amazing photos all at once.

_B0V6819 copy

I made and modified Deans XS from stock to this in a week, although its a simple transformation its a great bike and he is enjoying the shit out of it. I enjoy watching it in motion and seeing the vision that Dean had and help turn it into reality.

_B0V6016 copy

Im thinking about putting the chromoly tubeframe BBS Magnesium KTM 450 project on hold, throwing the 450 engine in my other chassis and having some fun, im not 100% happy about the style or direction the bike is heading in so I might take a break on it.

Im looking forward to the Hilux returning to Australia but in the meantime I am living life on two wheels and loving it!