Dream Build Drive – Its almost here

Yesterday I went to Melbourne and picked up the Hilux, 2014 has been a very very different year for me, with the car being in New Zealand since the end of last year I have spent very little time with it, the stresses have been unique to me, never really in control of where it is, if its being looked after and if its going to make it back in a similar condition to how it left.

photo2 (1)

The last week has been a blur, packing over 100 prize packs to the Pozible donators (thanks guys) finalising all the plans for the release and what seems like a million other things has left me tired but excited.

DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE Teaser from Matthew J Cox on Vimeo.

To have the Hilux home and this Dream Build Drive documentary set to hit your screens makes me extremely happy. Id like to extend a huge thank you to all that have been involved in this project, it truly does mean a lot and I hope that what we have achieved with this will last a lifetime.

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  1. Wow, that shirt looks awesome, is it ever going to hit your store or is it only a Pozible reward?


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