Off Season

As soon as I returned from dropping the Hilux off at the docks in Sydney I loaded up the motorbikes on the trailer I built and headed off for my summer vacation.


My destination is a little caravan in the Alpine region of Victoria. The high altitude area means garenteed good weather and there is so much to do.


Our dogs love it aswell.


But its the hundreds of kilometers of fire trails that run through the mountains and over the ridges that I enjoy the most.


Clear blue skies, the bark of my KTM 350 SX-F beneath me and Wedge Tailed Eagles above it’s my perfect scenario.


Wide open throttle blasting through the gears, sideways on entry and exit through every corner.


A quick wash in the river, some simple maintenance and its time to relax.


Usually with a coffee and a good book.


But I find it more peaceful on the bike, using all my mental energy to control everything leaves no time to think about anything else, the fresh mountain air runs through my helmet and everything is a blur as it passes by me.


New Years day is always a slow start, there’s no better hang over cure than a flat track event at the local Speedway, drivers and riders converge from all round the area to race against their friends on the perfectly prepped clay, I compete in the pro 450 class with no setup and place somewhere mid-pack, its great fun fighting traction, other riders and the clock to try and better yourself in every heat.


When my holidays are over and I am back at work daylight savings and summer nights are filled with the same fun times.


I have no other way to explain the love I have for riding other than it makes me happy, looking out over that fender and experiencing the amount of acceleration through a machine that is mechanically so simple yet so advanced is something I will never get tired of.


I had the chance to try a trials bike too, a new challenge that shifts all my ideas on what motorcycling can become and where you can go on one.


With all this two wheeled action its given me the inspiration that I was lacking to continue with the new build, I have drawn many styles of bike from a print out of this picture and have almost set my mind on a style.


I think my head would not be in the same space as it is if it wasn’t for riding, my summer breaks and the fact that they are filled with riding adventures is like a reset button on my life, as I write this all my muscles are aching but I just want to go ride again.

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  1. Moto Trials always challenges peoples beliefs on what riding is. they might not be the fastest bikes around but they are the most agile and a real free feeling when you ride them. The only limit on where a trials bike can go is your skill level. If you want to hit up a good event Nigel ride the Glenmaggie Trial. Held at easter over 2 days. Awesome event.


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