Thanks for the support in 2013

Well 2013 is over, what a massive year it has been and I want to personally thank every single one of you for visiting this blog and keeping up to date with whats going on with the Hilux and all the other things in my garage and life.

It means a lot to have the support that I do, from the very kind hearted local businesses that give me a hand with my requests, to my family and friends, event promoters, work colleagues and everyone in-between.

This year saw the Hilux go from a dream to reality, in 1 year it was rolling, in just over 2 years it was running and now with three years past its starting to get results on the racetrack.

2014 will be the biggest test of them all for it though, another country and a lot more track days without the comfort of being at home, Im really throwing it in the deep end and hoping it can swim. I feel that I have mechanically equipped it with everything that it needs and now its up to me to be able to drive it how it needs to be driven.

Again thanks for your support, it has made such a big difference to Engineered to Slide, going from strength to strength it gives me a great base to work from and hopefully I can continue to build it into something that everyone benefits from.

Remember tell your friends, spread the word and ill keep delivering the stuff you want to see!

Nigel Petrie

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  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaah boyyy!


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