ETS Drift Ute – Test Drive

Leading up to my final week of work for the year I was getting more and more frustrated, the issue I was having on the Hilux was really getting to me, with each passing day it was another potential test session over. Time was running out and so were my options.


With the problem solved I assessed all my options, my work (Ford) actually has a full test facility with a skid pan that I tried to use but in the end I was told it wasn’t available to me.

After a quick call to Vic Roads explaining what I wanted to do they saw no problem in giving me an unregistered vehicle permit as long as the car was safe, driven within all the road rules and used to conduct only the testing I needed to do. from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

After a quick drive I was happy there were no issues, unfortunately I couldn’t test the Hilux to its full ability on a closed course but the guys from 4 & Rotary Promotions are helping me out in that area.

Be sure to grab your tickets for the unveil evening in NZ and also help Matt film everything that goes down.

  1. Realy nice how the powerband is coming out (regarding the low weight of the car) You should have lots of fun in this!!

  2. It would have been pretty cool to see that thing cruising the streets. How the hell did vicroads give you temp reg? With the harsh roadrules and tog/ roadworthy and rego checks going on these days it’s amazing you wernt pulled over in secconds

  3. Congrats Nigel! Even if it’s just a tame little test drive on public roads, it’s still awesome to see this thing you built by hand out driving and working well!

  4. This is super AWESOME mate! To have that out on the road misus riding shotgun must have been a great experience!! Love the diff and gearbox whining away..

  5. thats rad dude. that smile says it all….. can’t wait to take mine on a drive that last longer than 2 minutes lol

  6. It will be nice to see it driven in anger. Good things come to those who wait!

  7. You can’t drive with a passenger on a Permit…just saying.

  8. what kinda motor do you have in the hilex?


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