ETS Drift Ute – Release the Clutch

Thanks to Stewart Furze for making up and sending me the lines to complete the hydraulic clutch release bearing setup.


The two lines are for bleeding and feed, the feed runs a dry break connection that simply unclips from the line connected to the chassis making engine and gearbox removal easy and mess free. You also dont need to rebleed anything as there’s no allowance for air to get in the system.


With this system complete I am now waiting on a call from Pete at the tailshaft shop to complete the entire driveline.


I drilled and filed this little slot in the bellhousing for the lines to exit, tonight ill have a coffee, arm myself with the camera and hopefully have the Hilux running and driving!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what progress I made.

  1. what company does Stewart Furze work for ?

    • Australian Clutch Services in Adelaide.

  2. ritilin would do wonders for you…….

  3. Tasty.


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