ETS Drift Ute – Gearing up for next week

This past week has been a real brain basher, trying to be as prepared as I can be so that I don’t waste any time. What I am talking about is the Quaife QBE69G transmission that is making its way from Sydney to Victoria as I type this.


I spent some time today replacing the broken rockers, smoothing off the damage to the cams, cleaning and reassembling the motor so that all I have to concentrate on is the arrival and fitment of the gearbox.


I blasted the SR20 Auto bell housing and drew up the CNC 16mm alloy adapter that will bolt onto this bell housing and then allow the Quaife gearbox to bolt to it.


The clutch is now ready for the new gearboxes 26T spline with new clutch disks.


I also spent some time organising the engine bay so that as soon as everything is ready to go in I’ll be ready to fire it up and get its first straight cut dog engagement test run happening asap.


So in short things should be pretty exciting this week. Oh and I have a new GoPro ready for that first drive around the block to test that gearbox out.

  1. Drive around the block sounds promising 🙂

  2. Driving the ute around the block?! Taking #yolo to a whole new level..

  3. Must be loving the mill spec engine loom.

    • Like you wouldnt believe, no more un-connecting the plugs and removing the loom, so simple

  4. Have you put any consideration towards the spigot bearing/bush?

    • I have, the box uses a 15mm spigot the Nissan bush is 16mm so ill remove it out of the crank, machine another one and press it in. Ideally a roller bearing would be nice but theres no room for one.

  5. What did “smoothing of the damage to the cams” entail? How did you do this without changing the lift or duration?

    • There was some pits and burs from contact with the broken rockers that i just needed to lightly file. Nothing major.


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