ETS Drift Ute – Decision made and moving forward

So this whole broken gearbox thing has been consuming me lately, I spent a week researching my options and everything I looked at was either out of my price range or really not worth doing.


All I knew was I wanted a strong sequential 6 speed, I sold my spare motor, wheels and just about everything I could replace easily to try and raise enough money for the gearbox of my dreams, a Quaife QBE69G 6 speed sequential transmission.


In a series of internet powered events (this blog) a man called Steve mailed me and said he had a QBE69G sitting in his garage brand new in its crate, I couldn’t believe my luck, it had the right shifter, it had spur gears, a potentiometer it was the perfect match and the opportunity to save thousands had me sold!


The input shaft was a 26 spline 28.5mm diameter same as Chev so I was a bit worried how I would utilise my existing clutch, Phillip from Exedy NZ helped me out and sent over some 200mm plates with the correct spline so now I can use this clutch for both types of gearboxes and its handy to be able to rebuild it with parts off the shelf.

Theres a lot of other custom bits needed but I’ll fill you in on those when the gearbox arrives.

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  1. Congrats on the good deal! But, what do potentiometers do in a gearbox?

    • I’m guessing it goes with the ECU and dash- lets the “brains” know what gear is selected

    • Janklz is correct, tells the ECU what gear your in and will display on the dash too


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