ETS Drift Ute – Busy Nights

Last night I was ready, I had the majority of parts for the Hilux to go back together, everything was lad out in the garage and I was set for a long night.


With the success of the “Behind” mini documentary Matt has been following the build to create another clip detailing everything that went on leading up to, during and after WTAC, he wanted the gearbox upgrade to be a part of the build and document the process I went through to repair the car.


With the motor and gearbox all assembled it was almost time to slide it in the car.


Im really getting to know every single little detail on every single little part, the only thing I have not built or hand assembled on the entire car is the bottom end of the motor.


A couple of hours later and everything is back in position and ready to go, the goal for the night was to get everything in, oiled up, fired up and turn the transmission for the very first time. It wasn’t to be unfortunately.


The tailshaft still isn’t finished. I am really hoping that I get a call today from Pete saying its ready to go, it isn’t Petes fault he’s doing the best he can do and the hold up on parts is annoying both of us. If it isn’t finished by tonight then my window of opportunity to test the car before New Zealand gets even smaller.

I think I better get busy on the phone to try and secure at least a private road somewhere with a few decent corners. The accessibility of race circuits in Australia to test on is ridiculous, at over $1000 per hour for private hire its out of the reach of nearly everyone.

  1. Get it tested and put some licence plates on it, then the world is your test track!

    • with harsh anti-hooning laws, yeah let’s do it, bro!!

  2. Amazing job.


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