WTAC – Highs and Lows


Todays been one of those days.

Long story short I broke the Hilux.

I had two sessions practicing in it, the first went really well (ill go into more detail on this when I get home) the second not so. I clutched it mid corner and blew 3rd gear, after rolling in 2nd gear back to the pits and parking it with the clutch in I could tell something in the motor wasn’t right. Its running on 3 cylinders with a big drop in compression.

As you could probably guess I’m drained, kinda depressed and over it right now. I know its possible to fix and it could be done for tomorrow but I just cant do it right now.

Sorry to those that were coming to see the Hilux in action, unfortunately its a static show from now on.

Off to bed.

Photo credit Gwyn Morgan GSS! Thanks

  1. Thats a bummer man. Im waiting to see video of it ripping it. Well time to get back and build it better. Fans thats been following it since the start or ets from Malaysia.

  2. I know the feeling. You do everything right and stuff still goes wrong. These issues and how you respond to them will define you just as much as the build it self. Keep your chin up and let the thrash to fix it begin

  3. Unlucky with the Hilux, at least you can have some fun in the 180 still!
    Keep your head up mate, nobody is gonna say you didn’t try to put the best out there for everyone to see, sometimes there are problems.
    I’m sure there will be a big$ team that will blow something on their first run there this weekend or not even get a run in.


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