ETS Support Parts – Pit Kart


As a kid I always wanted a go kart, that never really happened and I went straight from motorcross to cars. So when the time came to build something to carry my wheels and tyres to the changer and set up a hot pit with my tools I thought what better time than to build a pit kart!


It started with a heap of stainless offcuts my friend dropped over, some 1″ tube, two 30mm wide cuts of 50mm RHS and some left over rod ends from the Hilux.


I cut the 25mm tube at 10 degrees on both ends to achieve some camber up front.


I have some pretty nice alloy kart wheels on their way too.

ETS Pit Kart – Steering from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

Check out the video of the steering in operation.

  1. Nice one dude. Are you using bearings or any kind of bushes on it?

    • Im using wheel bearings that come with the go-kart wheels, thanks


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