ETS Pit Kart – On rims


The pit kart is coming along nicely, its finally rolling (I say that like its a big job) but all it took was some ebay wheels and a few hours work.


The front are 120mm wide spoked alloy go kart wheels. I was going to stretch some skinnier tyres over these rims but I went the cheap option and used what I had.


The rears are the same but 200mm wide. These cost $200 delivered for all 4 with bearings.


I raided the second hand tyre bin at the go kart track to find some nice Dunlop slicks.


I made the rear axle have 6.5 degrees negative camber.


The front have 10 degrees negative camber with a little ackerman for smooth turning.


Now I have to add the Nitrogen bottle and some tools.

  1. You make it look so easy.

  2. is there a formula to calculate the ackerman? or general rule of thumb where / how much ackerman you want?

  3. Ackerman (Is that spelt right?) is, correct me if I’m wrong, calculated by running a line from the “king pin” back to the centre of the rear axle, giving you the line in which your steering arm should run along. In the case of how its configured above, you continue the line past the king pin forward. Correct? I think so?


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