ETS Pit Kart – On rims


The pit kart is coming along nicely, its finally rolling (I say that like its a big job) but all it took was some ebay wheels and a few hours work.


The front are 120mm wide spoked alloy go kart wheels. I was going to stretch some skinnier tyres over these rims but I went the cheap option and used what I had.


The rears are the same but 200mm wide. These cost $200 delivered for all 4 with bearings.


I raided the second hand tyre bin at the go kart track to find some nice Dunlop slicks.


I made the rear axle have 6.5 degrees negative camber.


The front have 10 degrees negative camber with a little ackerman for smooth turning.


Now I have to add the Nitrogen bottle and some tools.