Arai GP6 – Helmart Designs


Let me start this by saying I have a great family, I turned 30 in June and was asked if I wanted anything, that’s a pretty hard question to ask me as I wouldnt know where to start but my girlfriend Celia knew me all too well.


I have been obsessing over helmets my entire life, from BMX to Motocross to race cars the helmet has always been a point of great intrest.

First there is the shape, it dosnt get much better than the new Arai GP6, its stylish, fast, but not overdone like others, it has the right shape and its curves are classic yet modern all at the same time.


So when Celia got the ball rolling on my very own helmet design I started with a fresh helmet direct from Japan.


It then got shipped from Japan to Tyler at Helmart Design. I first saw Tyler in an NZPC magazine months ago, his Ford Escort was featured, I read the article and to my surprise his day job was a helmet design artist. I quickly looked him up and followed him on Instagram and was impressed with what I saw.

After a few emails (a lot of emails) I described to Tyler what my perfect helmet would look like, it was going to be a helmet that would commemorate the finished Hilux.

So with that in mind Tyler laid out some silver tube work to emulate the hilux’s chassis and that would be the hero of the design.


On the top I wanted the primary feathers of the native Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle, as a kid we went outback travelling a lot and I was always mesmerized at how graceful these massive birds are. They quickly became my good luck charm and I have had my eyes to the sky ever since.


Around the perimeter of the top section it reads “If your mind can conceive it then your hands can achieve it” its to remind myself that anything is possible, if you want it badly enough then you can get it, there were a series of events that happened in my life for my mind to piece together the Hilux, the build up happened in my head a long time before any tool was ever used.


Tyler sourced the visor and bolt kit from Japan, the blue theme is reflected from the fittings used throughout the build, I am very particular about colours and anodized blue is my favorite.


So excited to do up the straps and wear out some tyres in this!

Thanks Tyler and make sure you check out some more of his work.

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