Quick Snap – Powdercoat time


Tonight I dropped the chassis off to Colour Tech Powdercoating, its almost a bigger milestone than it was to get it running, why?


Whenever exposed steel is open to the elements its prone to rust, what is rust? Rust is that ugly red covering formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of the moisture in the air, not only that but also the oil in your skin will make any raw steel surface rust.


Every 3 or so months I strip everything down, wash the chassis in thinners and recoat it in a drying lanolin oil. This keeps the rust away and the finish bright. Divide 30 months by three and thats a lot of work that I will never have to do again.


Can you imagine the entire chassis looking like my BMX frame? Well ill show you tommorow night.

Stay tuned we are about to get coated!

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  1. Nigel, my name is George Fales and I live in Hampton, New Hampshire USA. I just wanted to say you are a inspiration to me and all of my future builds, you have taught me that anything can happen with persistence and patience. I always been handy with the tools but have never went to that next level with my builds. As I have been following your Hilux build I have stepped up and took my first ever s13(180sx) to the next level. Its now LS6 powered and nearly fully drift prepped and I have done all work myself. I have just taught myself to mig weld and now tig weld and I am beginning to fully cage and stitch the car. I am getting very good at drifting and wanted to say if I never followed your build I may not be where I am. When ever I found a hurtle to jump or a wall I hit, I come sit at my computer in my small garage and look at your build and almost instantly I find I’m relaxed and ready to tackle the problem. I thank you and I am proud for where I have came and I owe a large amount to you. I will be sure to get some engineered stickers, gear and those cool needed parts and wave that brand with pride. I amazed at how the Hilux turned out. you rock brother! Thank you and god bless you.


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