ETS Drift Ute – The beginning of the end


As I sit here and type this my fingers are hurting, this weekend was good, I had two days to get as far as I could into the road to completion.


Today I got out of bed, opened the garage up and wheeled the chassis out into the driveway. Theres no room in the garage when this is stripped and its good to get some sun while I toil away on the worst job there is……. Prep washing..


Prep washing the chassis down is very important before it goes off for powder coating, because its being clear coated its even more crucial. Im not worried at all if the clear deteriates over time, ill simply strip it again, blast it and re powdercoat it in colour. But it wasn’t only the chassis that needing prepping, the front structure, rear under tray, rear body mount structure, radiator mount, steering column, dash mount, hard cover mount, sway bars and a heap of other little pieces needed prep washing too. Im pretty worn out but also very excited about how close this is to completion. You get a very good insight into the amount of work when you look and handle each single piece.

Now to fit bolts into all the threads, wash the underside and make some hanging attachments for the powder coating process.

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  1. Awesome work Nigel. I have been following your progress from almost day one so I’m waiting with Baited breath to see you smoking those rear treads in drifting anger… Keep up the great work mate 🙂


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