ETS Drift Ute – Hardlid


In the beginning I didnt plan on running a hardlid over the tub of the Hilux, as time went on the idea has grown on me.


But it wasnt until I found a product called Probond, Probond is a composite aluminium sheet with polyethylene core covered both sides with an aluminium skin. Its light and very rigid, perfect for this application. Even better is that it comes in 1500mm wide and over 3 meters long, normal alloy sheet only comes in 1200 wide and the width of the opening is 1500mm so this is perfect for what I need.


Its not majorly expensive either, I had it cut to length and it it owes me $90. Now I have to make a removable top to stick it to and some kind of fast detach system. Now I can throw the BMX and all my gear in the back 😉

  1. velcro

    • Or zips?

  2. Uh… Nigel, is that a roof wing? If it is could you do a writeup of it? Looks pretty good. Almost didn’t notice the hood pins too!


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