ETS Moto Build – Braking Bad!


Following on from my last Moto post, I needed some forks to continue progressing along with the build. Not only that but I needed the forks to house the brakes I was after. Put simply Brembo Monoblocks are close to the best brakes money can buy and fit my super tight aesthetics conditions. Not only that but they fitted my budget aswell. These cast Brembo Monoblocks came from a crashed 1198 Ducati, they were slightly scratched, snapped off bleeder screws both sides (I have no idea how you do this) and threaded hose inlets. It seemed like they had been owned by someone with less than ideal mechanical skill as they made a meal out of trying to fix them up.123dfjfjj3-900x599

After a lot of time I managed to remove the bleeder screws by TIG welding a bolt to the remaining thread inside the alloy and extracting them, retapping the fittings for larger threaded AN3 adapters, dissasembling them, cleaning and refitting everything. I wouldnt say they are like new but not bad considering how they arrived.


The brakes were thrown in with some forks I purchased, they are from an Aprillia Mille and I managed to grab the tripple clamps aswell. Ill completely shave these back by removing everything that isnt needed. Having the tripple clamps means I can start measuring and planning the axle to suit the BBS wheels, the headtube and bearing assembly and now start making a jig to hold everything in the position I need them in.


The forks are Ohlins items with the correct 100mm radial spacing to suit the Ducati Monoblock brakes. The gold anodizing on the fork bodies is a little out of my colour zone but the gold fork legs are just simply stunning, I may pull them apart and re anodize the outers down the track depending on the overall finished look. The next post will be on the JIG so stay tuned.

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  1. Looking Cool! Where would you get the fork bodies re anodized? Ive been looking to do this to my bike… Any Idea on what it would cost?


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