ETS Drift Ute – Pins and Plates


Last night I cut the holes in the FRP bonnet for the Aerocatch bonnet pins, tonight I finished off the install, heres how they look.


I made the latch sections suit the bonnets lines and didnt worry too much about the position the actuall pin had to be in as that would be two fairly easy to make tabs.


With the bonnet down I was able to hang the pin from the latch, measure its position out from the tube and then make the tab.


With the bonnet seated and in position it was time to tick off that job and move onto the next.


I also started the alloy ducting last night, 2 days ago I started cutting the 1mm polycarbonate to make the templates, its so time consuming but it makes life so much easier when its time to cut the alloy, theres no guessing and no hours on the file.


Now I have to make steel tabs to mount the alloy to the frame, I think another two nights work and it will be all done.


So whats left to do once the ductings finished? Hrmmm good question, when im 100% sure everything is done it will be time to strip it down and get ready for the powdercoater. Fun times ahead but I will miss all the jobs…. Just in time for the PS13 to cry out for some love.

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