ETS Drift Ute – Monday Sun


It was a PDO (programmed day off) at work today and I made the most of every minute. The garage was getting pretty crazy, with the new moulds and heaps of parts lying around I decided to start at the back corner of the garage and work forward. Granted my garage isnt the dirtiest place around but I have a real method to cleaning it and somehow it completely clears my mind on whats next with my projects. After that I welded on the tabs to hold the lower guards on and spent some time on the 180SX, I fitted up the new diff as I had sheared the pinion gear on the old one and resealed the sump as it had a slow leak. Now its all ready to go and I am super pumped to drive again.

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  1. Said it before, but it’s definitely worth repeating. You’re an absolute inspiration. The quality and your taste is above and beyond.


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