ETS Drift Ute – Gel Coated


So after going to all the effort making these guards from metal and getting them to stretch over the new width of the chassis I finally have new FRP guards.


In a previous post I showed you the moulds in the process of producing the panels.


Heres the finished product, Im very grateful to the IPTA team for their time spent on helping me with these.


Now I have to radius them to get the amount of lock I need, still i think the tyre will make its own radius in them over time. Also notice that new bonnet?


This was a a little easier to create, I ordered a new 02 model Thailand knock off bonnet to make the mould from.


Its a two piece mould with the underside giving the bonnet strength while keeping it feather light.


Im happy that I now have basically all the parts needed to finish off the build.


Of course im going to make a heap of neat little alterations before everything goes off to be powder coated.


But to have the body 99% complete is a huge milestone.


I have some pretty exciting plans along with some visual excitement on the way, stay tuned, its the run to the finish line.

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