ETS Drift Ute – Front end complete


Since my chrome 2002 bumper arrived I have been keen to get it mounted properly, along with all the other parts that make up a very complicated but beautiful front end.


The plan was to use these Balllock pins, I bought these from USA ebay and I have 10 of them, 4 to fit the entire rear end and 4 to fit the front bumper. They are extremely strong and light, the ends are alloy and the shafts are stainless. They allow the entire rear end to be removed without tools and also the bumper.


I wanted to make the mounts removable so if I bend a bumper its just a matter of ordering a new one. I made sheetmetal tabs that bolted to the bumpers factory mounting points. Bumpers are under $80 and will be a straight fit so thats great and no painting required.


The front pins


The rear pins inside the wheel arch and only tacked on at this stage.


I also painted the steel trims between the bumper and headlights, I had to make and weld tabs to them so I could screw them to the plastic headlight sorrounds and grill, I have a new grill on the way as this ones been a little scuffed up, cant go wrong with Taiwan knock off Hilux body parts.


The lower plastic actually scrubs the ground and will need to be replaced regularly, lucky they are cheap and no painting required.

  1. we always have trouble getting the Koito stuff to fit, you haven’t had any issues?

  2. Holy smokes this thing is a weapon! Nice build man. Done absolutely A1


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