DIY Insight – Building Tabs


I dont always have time to get the camera out and take photos, most of the images on this site are from once the works completed, with the power of Iphone ill start doing some “in the moment” DIY insight posts. Tonight I made the indicator mounting tabs that also hold the headlight surrounds in. Every single tab on this build has been built this way, no laser cutting just good old fashioned workmanship.


I use 1mm lexan sheet to make the templates, its cut out with some tin snips then perfected with a file.


That template is then transferred to sheetmetal, here im using 1.6mm mild steel. First I drill the centres.


Then I get pretty ruthless with the 1mm cutting disk on the angle grinder, as long as your cuts are straight and you leave some room for perfecting with a file you will be fine. I never cut right through I just wiggle it till it pops out.


I file each tab down and it only takes a few minites to get them spot on, new files cut so nicely so treat yourself to some new ones, you wont regret it.


The tabs finished and ready for welding. This process took me a little over an hour and I’m happy with the outcome. With tube and tabs you can basically make anything.

Let me know if you like these Iphone posts and ill keep them coming!

  1. Great idea nige. Easy to do cause you would have your phone on you most times, and gives us all more of an insight into the parts you build and perfect to make it all flow together

  2. Awesome post mate, love seeing the finer details of what goes into the build.

  3. Great project and your presentation of the build makes it captivating reading. You have another interested car nut looking forward to watching you build your dream wheels. Well done!


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