PS13NA Build – Its alive


While I am waiting on the FRP panels to be finished for the Hilux I spent some time on the PS13 NA project.


Thanks to Martyn and Grant for heading down from Melbourne to help out. Martyn has been the man behind the scenes with the wiring and helping with the Link ECU installation.


This engine is just a setup motor to make sure everything is working, as soon as its running it will be pulled out and refreshed with some more comp. I fitted up my new product, the GT101 cam sync sensor and crank trigger sensor


This time I ran the wire through one of the welsh plug holes, it will be sealed with some sealer once the new motor is setup.


The throttles are also just temporary, we are going to machine them from scratch out of billet alloy to match the billet alloy adapters.


With everything now wired and setup we loaded the Hilux tune into the Link ECU, Andre from the HP Academy has set me up with a bit of a guide on how to tune this and I am looking forward to getting it onto the dyno.


As this motor is very old and in bad condition (its ok it was a freebie) its sole purpose was to setup the ancillaries and get the wiring, ECU and timing sorted, now that is done I have ripped this motor out, pulled it down to a bare block, prepped another stock SR20DE to tune on the dyno and am now ready to get things finished off.

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  1. Man it’s an inspiration seeing what you do to your cars. Thanks for putting this blog together


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