ETS Hilux Build – Panel Tech


So the debut of the finished Hilux is only months away, it probably seems like a long time but in reality it isnt, I want to run through with you whats needed to finish it off.


A vital contribution came in the form of Industrial Patterns and Tooling, a local fiberglass shop who specialize in speedway panels.


It wasn’t an issue for them to lay up the moulds but they needed a decent panel because a decent panel makes a decent mould. I spent a lot of time building the rear quarters and front quarters, both are nearly 100mm wider than factory and needed a lot of hand shaping to get my desired look. IPT also made my tailgate skin and have provided me with not only the panels but the moulds to reproduce these myself.


I couldn’t be happier with how the rear panels have turned out.


This is the mould for the bonnet, the bonnet will be a thin outer skin stuck together with.


The outer frame of the inner skin, this has small alloy plates in it for the hinge mount and also gives a lot of strength to the thin outer skin. Sure I could have run the factory bonnet but the weight of it was ridiculous and every KG I can remove from the front end the better, not to mention the weight was high in the vehicle, every little bit makes a difference.

Stay tuned because next week it will be all paneled up!

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