PS13NA Update


You may have worked out that life revolved around building the Hilux and it still does but every now and then I like to dream about this car being finished. It can be registered in 2014 and considering thats only 7 months away and 2013 is going to be a crazy year I am trying to spend every spare moment planning the finish of it.


My friend Martyn finished the throttle adapters sometime ago and I dont think I have posted them, the headers are also finished and a limited production of 5 will be completed in the coming weeks.


The headers actually end at the factory position and meet up to the exhaust, there will be the option of using a factory flange or leaving it blank like this one.


The throttle adapters will also be availiable soon, after a lot of wasted time trying to blend manifolds together and die grind them out Martyn stepped in and got fancy writing a 5th axis milling program to produce them from billet aluminium. Absolutely everything we do is produced in Australia from the finest materials.


The throttles are not the ones I will be using, these are 52mm and the adapters are made to be used with 48mm throttles, an argument could go on for days about the right throttle size for an SR20, from the people I have spoken to in Japan with decades of experiance the right size is pretty close to 48mm. This head has been ported and flowed with great results (on the flow bench) and uses oversize valves, Tomei solid lifters, Tomei upgraded valve springs and Tomei pro cams (the largest they produce).


I was going to rush the bottom end by using a stock DE and this Nismo 0.5mm Gasket I picked up Japan, but I may hold off and do the following. Pull the DE I have down, fit new bearings, rods and high comp pistons to produce around 12.5:1 comp. The reason I want to do this is I get a little nervous about piston to valve clearance, the high comp pistons have valve pockets cut into them that allow a large margin for error and also produce the compression im after.

  1. when can we purchase said headers?

  2. Keen for a set of header if you are still making them

  3. going to sound ridiculous


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