Project 4 stud for sale


If your in Australia and looking for a new drift chassis then I am selling Project 4 stud…. Why? I have too much going on right now and this is just adding to the workload, I would rather see someone else get some satisfaction and enjoyment out of building a racecar than me finishing it and then hardly having the time to use it.

The details

Unregistered but not on register as damaged or defected
White shell – minor dents – shaved bootlid
Perfect glass all round
Stock rear IRS (non hicas) with R200 diff and 5 bolt axles
Brand new modified K frame with forward mounted steering rack
Brand new 16mm tie rods and ends
Modified knuckles
S15 front brakes with redrilled rotors
Brand new 25mm spacers all round
AVS rims with near new Federal EVO tyres
Clear brick headlights
Full interior with uncracked dash
Sued wheel and boss
Digital climate control
Bride Zeta 2 Drivers seat and rail (stock included)
Untouched body loom
Full engine loom no ECU
Brand new Greddy Coilovers with EDFC in cabin adjustment

This is the perfect base for a budget drift car build, it has everything you need to start drifting in.

I really wanted to keep this and build it into a street driven track car, unfortunately im running out of time and room and don’t want to see this sit outside and go to waste, its an incredibly clean and neat low Km chassis and only needs an engine, box and tail shaft to drive.

All the steering has had a huge amount of fabrication time put into it to be a competitive drift car with huge lock, you wont need to do a thing to the front end. The rear end only needs a minor amount of money to be put into the vital suspension arms to correct the camber and toe.

A lot of money, time and knowledge has been put into this car and only the easy mechanical side of the build is left to do.

I know I will regret selling it in the future because S chassis this clean are hard to come by.

Sideskirts pictured are not included in sale.