ETS Drift Ute – Pre Drive Prep


Things feel different now, I mean it’s been a long road to get to this point but now the Hilux is running it just does not feel like it used too.


It’s taken on a whole new personality, it’s gone from stationary artwork to being a real car with a future destined for a hard life on track. I no longer worry too much about making sure everything is “perfect” and just concentrate on it working.


But I am so glad I took those extra steps to make sure it was easy to work on. This front clip is a dream to remove, dry brake oil fittings are as the name suggests “dry break” meaning no spill, all the bolt holes have locating pins so its truely a one man job.


I took it all off to remake the air intake, alternator pully and fix up a few minor issues with the steering. Turns out (no pun intended) that the uni joint on the steering shaft is bottoming slightly on the shafts extra length so i will remove it and cut it down.


These are the third generation knuckles I have made for this, and considering it hasn’t done any KM’s thats not a bad effort, its all about adjusting the ackerman to suit the chassis. I think these will be a good start.

I talked to the Daniel at ColourTech powdercoaters about clear powdercoating the chassis immediately after the first drive so all I have to do now is prove it all works, have some fun and then spend a night stripping it all back down to a bare chassis, polish it up and send it to the very cable fellas at ColourTech Geelong.

  1. Is there more chance of air bubbles with the quick-break connections?
    I would like to see an extra mount for those brake lines too, they look a bit hazardous like that.
    I’d love to see Mighty Car Mods cover the first outing – I’ve even suggested it on their Facebook page.

    Good Luck 😀

    • Mighty Car Mods…? You must be joking.. 2 guys that do cheap or tacky mods to cars covering a build such as this..

      • Give the guy a break, he clearly dreams of one day being old enough to do burnouts in his mums Camry with his mates, until then, he’s just pointing out another blog of ‘quality’ builds…. Have the speedhunters boys made contact yet about the finished product?

        • This build has been covered by SpeedHunters previously with 5 main updates along the build process… Im pretty sure theyll do a full feature once its 100% completed and sees track time… personally I cant wait!!!

          Congrats again Nigel


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