The Parts Inventory – Coils and Bracket


With the hilux now stripped back to a bare chassis (more on that in another post) i want to take some time and photograph every part before it gets fitted back on, you probably wont see many things as i wont have time to post every single little part but i really want to do it as every single part is like a project within a project.


With these new coils available to the public i am putting them to the ultimate test on this motor, not just any old mount was going to do so Martyn from VE came up with this CNC machined billet alloy mount (which will also be available very soon) to use on the hilux.


Im really happy with how it turned out and im keen to get it all bolted up, wired by STM and then put to the test on the dyno in the coming weeks.

Big thanks Martyn for helping me design one of the best coil and bracket combos available for any S13 SR20s

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  1. Any update on the availability of the bracket for the coils? And do you have a wiring diagram for the coils because I want to fit them to my Sr using a power fc ecu


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