Introducing Project 4 stud


Ok so i have had this S13 for a few weeks now, an old friend had it stashed away in his garage for over 5 years, he was stripping it down to sell as parts and simply got over the idea.


It was a complete S13 that was missing a motor and gearbox, it had a horrible silicone attached Veilside body kit and was missing some other minor things. I picked up some 17 inch AVS rims in 7j and 8j, i love these and they were the inspiration for the build, nothing will be rediculous, it will all just scream 90s street drifter! After dragging it out of his driveway and onto the trailer i took it home and started thinking about a plan for this car. I have a heap of spare parts and knowledge that could give this chassis a new lease on life, so heres what i have been up to.


On the inside im going to leave things pretty standard for now, i plan on getting this on the road and use it as a bit of a fun street car so i couldnt go too wild, a nice Bride Zeta 2 drivers seat and Nardi steering wheel are about the only additions needed.


I feel like i have done this 1000’s of times and i probably have, good track/ drift S chassis suspension is a piece of cake to do, i used mostly stock parts and modified them to get the results i wanted.


First things were to modify the factory S13 Knuckles, over 5 years ago i developed my own design of drift Knuckle, in the years following that i perfected the design and now have a jig with all my favorite settings recorded on it.


Keeping the 4 stud and wanting to run better brakes i redrilled some old S15 rotors i had lying around and also ran the heavy steel S15 calipers, they work well and the whole idea of this project was to use what i already had.


Jase in QLD sent me his old JIC Coilovers, they seem like good shocks and i didnt need to alter the hight, the tie rods are Falcon items and have a meaty 16mm diameter, i have adapters on the shelf to fit these and then use a reground drill to retaper the knuckle to run the falcon tie rod end, its a bulletproof combo and one thats been in my 180SX for the past 3 years. The caster rods are Kazama items i had in the S13 before i made my own tube items, the LCAs are also out of it with 25mm added into them for more track and subsequent lock.


To get the most out of the combo i removed the steering rack mounts on the K frame and shifted them 30mm forward, this gives the tie rod more sweep on the knuckle before binding, with this mod and these knuckles theres no binding at massive lock.


All the factory stuff just bolts straight back on and its a simple job.


I grabbed some HotRoad skirts ages ago off Henry and had never used them on anything, they were white so i thought id give them a go on this, im happy and might run them if i can find a lip for the front bumper.


Speaking of front bumper, a mate gave me a couple of rough old ones to try and salvage, i gave it a rub back and a few coats of rattle can white.


Pretty happy with the results actually. Just need to find a lip spoiler for it.


Im unsure about what engine and box to put into it, i have a spare S15 SR20DET engine and 6 speed box just sitting there waiting to be used. Ill leave that for another post though.

  1. If you are interested id be keen on buying the stock wheels off you. Is that a possibility?

  2. Interested in what you did with the knuckles? how it was modified?


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