ETS Drift Ute – Ten days and counting


If anyones ever built something like this before then you would understand the amount of time spent removing and refitting everything during the final stages of a build.


With only 10 days before Simon and Andre arrive from their short flight from NZ i have the task of making sure everything is ready to go, its up to Andre and Ben to add the finishing touches and its up to me to make sure everything else is in order.


Theres a few little things i need to finalise on the chassis and the easiest way to do this was to strip it bare.


From fully assembled to this in only 2 hours. I think this is where i differ from most car builders, because i do 100% of the work on all my cars i know how to make things user friendly and easy to work on, because of this i built it this way and its so easy to pull down.


What isn’t easy is removing the engine by myself so i have designed and will build an engine double A frame on wheels and ratchet traps with incorporated ratchet hooks to make removing the engine and box a one man job. Ill have this completed early next week, the motor will come out, theres a few fittings to finalise and then it will be all refitted and filled with fluids in readiness for the dyno.


I have a huge list of jobs to do this coming week so im keen to race through them all and greet Andre and Ben and get stuck into the wiring.


Seeing every little detail exploded like this gives me a realisation of just where this has come from, it was never intended to run so many hand built parts but nearly everything on this build has been done from scratch and all by hand. Oh and that front end clip with the intercooler, oil cooler, filter, headlights and dry brake oil lines is so easy to remove, just four bolts and the engine bay is easily accessible to remove the engine with no spill and no headaches.

Sit tight, bug things happening in the next fortnight!!

  1. Really interested in how those two guys go about wiring up your car from the ground up. I hate wiring..crazy black magic.

  2. “bug things happening” – Not sure if typo or Kiwi accent joke haha.


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