ETS Drift Ute – Rack City


Ok i really really wanted to do a photo series of each individual part and then do a time lapse of all of them being fitted to the bare chassis, im going to have to put that off till after the initial tune and test drive.


But i will try and show you as much as i have time to as every single minite this week has a job attached to it. The steering rack for instance now a complete, tight and fluid filled component that is just one of those sub systems that means a great deal in drifting. Its an S13 rack that has all factory internals, i gave it a sandblast to clean it up and added the fittings to ditch those all too common damaged solid lines.


The return fitting is an Earls M16x1.5 to AN6 adapter, the pressure fitting is an M14x1.5 to AN6 adapter, the smaller lines are all AN4 with PTFE high pressure stainless braided hose capable of over 4000psi


The tie rods are BA Falcon items with a massive 16mm diameter they are stronger, cheaper and last longer than nearly everything on the market, they have an M14x1.5 thread so i make M16x1 to M14x1.5 adapters to suit the tie rod, these adpters also incorporate a 7mm over travel machined section to get the most out of the rack. The tie rod ends are also BA falcon items, i had a milling cutter reground to suit the Ford taper so its an easy and quick job to open up the S15 knuckles tie rod mounting point before welding it back onto the knuckle as part of the modified knuckle process.

It all adds up to a robust, cheap and easily replaceable steering setup that is easy to work on and replace.

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  1. Hi, what’s the thread size and pitch on the -4an fittings on the rack


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