ETS Drift Ute – HPA Day 3


Put simply…… Yesterday was cool! So cool that I was way too busy to do a post thats why I am doing it now.


Andre finished off the chassis loom and connected up the Racepak Smartwire, once powered up it illuminated the dash and that feeling of completion being around the corner really hit home.


I spent some time going over the switches with Andre and he programmed the Racepak Smartwire to do everything I need and a little more, its a really cool device and please watch the videos with the explanations as its really interesting to see.

Racepak Smartwire explained – High Performance Academy from High Performance Academy on Vimeo.

I redid the brake switch and also did some running round to secure the dyno for next week.

We will be using the dyno at DTM Automatics and a big thank you goes out to Aaron and Craig for their help.

Day 3 – Engineered to Slide x High Performance Academy – Wiring from High Performance Academy on Vimeo.

Stay tuned as always on the following sites.

  1. Live build updates throughout the day: ETS Livestream
  2. Sign up for the Live Webinar (7:30pm Tuesday the 23rd April Melbourne Local Time)
  3. Get Engineered to Slide T’shirts, caps and stickers at the ETS online shop (we ship internationally)
  4. Learn to tune E.F.I like a pro with the High Performance Academy





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